Josh is a software engineer here in Austin. And is probably one of the most handsome software engineers I have ever met, besides my husband :) Here is some of the amazing photographs we captured during our studio session.


I met John awhile back and our paths crossed again when he came with one of his friends for a shoot. He was so excited at what I shoot with his friend he wanted to immediately shoot the next day….SO we did. He is really a very handsome man and I am glad he decided to hire me for his first professional shoot. I know we will be working together again soon!


I met Trevor thru instagram and I was so excited when he said he wanted to book a session with me…He is from NYC and is an amazing artist! Here are some of what we came up with!


Janek is here from Poland taking classes at UT for his engineering degree. He reached out to me because I had photographed one of his friends and was interested in seeing how he would do. He did FUCKING GREAT! Here are some of my fave pics from his session!


This was such a fun shoot! Bo lives in Las Vegas, and came to Austin to shoot with me. Needless to say, I was super honored that he made the trip to shoot with me. Here are some of my fave images from that shoot!


This is Scott’s second shoot with me and I really enjoy working with this guy!! Here are some of my favorite images from my session with him.

Colton from Raw Connects Model Management

Colton is a one of the kind model you run into that really knows his body. I enjoyed our portfolio session a lot! These are some of the images we came out with. Insta: @colton_bjornson mgmt insta: @rawconnects styled: treysphotostudio

Box Menswear Editorials

One company that absolutely LOVE working for is Box Menswear! They are a company based in the UK, specifically Liverpool. They have recently exploded and are getting ready to take over the male underwear industry. I love working for this company because of the people that are involved. Luke Mills the creator/CEO is one of the most humble men I have ever met and puts his heart and soul into this company. Here are some of my fave editorial photos I have taken for this company.


Calvin is a an amazing artist, a dancer and now a baker, he has the most amazing personality. And I am honored I was able to photograph the amazing soul! 


People are always curious as to how a fashion/portrait session work. Well, we shoot for about two hours, try and get between 4-6 really good images per outfit. I help with the styling and posing, and talk and joke around a lot during the session. My goal has always been to capture the "best" you! And I think I do a pretty good job at it. Here is first time client Matt. He was interested and getting some shots that were unique and fashion-y. He is moving to L.A. in a couple of weeks and I know the images we captured will definitely get him noticed! 


Box Menswear Spring '18 Commercial Shoot

Box Menswear is a fairly new company from the U.K. that has recently exploded on social media....I am serious....Needless to say, I was so excited when they reached out to me to shoot promotional photos for their website/social media. I see more business in the future! Also, huge shout-out to Mr. Keith for being the most professional model for their brand!

_J0A8398 1.jpg


This was my first time working with Michael. He is an up and coming male model who wanting to work on his portfolio. Within two hours of shooting this is what we got. Needless to say I am pretty impressed with this gentleman. I always like to start off chill and end with a bang! I think we accomplished that. Thank you Michael for choosing us for your photos.